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Liz Tétreault & Ronni Czuzoj

Bientôt Bébé owners and teacher Ronni Czuzoj and Liz Tétreault

Our diverse experiences and training, as well as being parents ourselves enable us to better serve your needs. We welcome you to our Prenatal Classes at the Royal Victoria Hospital · MUHC/Jewish General Hospital · MUHC Affiliate in Montreal, Quebec. We look forward to supporting you through this exciting time of your life and in helping you and/or your partner to make informed decisions based on the information we will share. Classes take place in a comfortable, informal, approachable setting, allowing you to voice your questions, fears, concerns, or just listen to others' and realize they are feeling the same as you. Classes also include “graduates” returning with their babies to share with you their journey and helpful tips.

Ronni Czuzoj - BScRN

Ronni Czuzoj - Bientôt Bébé owner and teacher

All through Nursing School I knew I wanted to work in Maternal Health. At each delivery I assisted at, I became more and more excited about the idea. My Obstetrical nursing instructor once asked me “What I gave birth to”...because I seemed to be pushing and breathing along with my patient! I started my Obs career in 1979 at the RVH MUHC High Risk Obstetrical Unit. We average 350 – 400 deliveries per month. By the early 80's I started teaching Prenatal Classes there and haven't looked back. I now work in an Outpatient High Risk Obstetrical clinic, and keep current by going into the Delivery Room periodically. Over the years I gave birth to four beautiful children. Having experienced childbirth on “both sides of the table” allows me to give you an honest, realistic idea of the amazing experience you will soon undergo.

Liz Tétreault, RN, BSc.N.

Liz Tétreault - Bientôt Bébé owner and teacher

After graduation I nursed at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MUHC) in Emergency and then the Intensive Care Unit. Two children later, I worked part-time at a West Island Pediatric Centre (until 2014) and the Pointe-Claire CPR Program. I also teach the Red Cross Babysitting Course at several West Island schools. I guess it shows that I love Pediatrics---and presently a willing babysitter to my 3 grandchildren!

In 1991 I joined the Royal Victoria Hospital (MUHC) Childbirth Education team to teach the Infant Care class. That same year I started the Infant CPR Program, which has grown to training over 150 couples a year! I am now mostly involved in teaching CPR and the administration of our Childbirth Program.

Our Team

Bientôt Bébé team

At Bientôt Bébé we are proud to offer you classes taught by compassionate, experienced Childbirth Educators, who all bring years of experience with pregnant and birthing families. We will guide you, motivate, support and educate you as you journey through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, finding strength and trust within yourselves and/or your partners.