“Bientôt Bébé was a great experience for both Noa and Kai. Meeting all the other nervous couples made us feel less alone and we developed friendships that still hold 7 years later. It's hard to prepare for one of the biggest events of your lives, but the care from the nurses and the information we learned made it that much easier.”
— Andrea, Noa & Kai

Noa & Kai

“Our experience with Bientôt Bébé was amazing.
We weren't sure how we were going to fit pre natal classes into our crazy schedules, and we really weren't sure if they were necessary. We are so happy that we prioritized them, as all that we learned, and the way in which we got to learn it, was honestly priceless.
We learned essential information, as well as tools to help us when labor hit. For us that was the biggest thing, to be informed and knowledgable about the stages, what to look for, when to call the hospital, go to the hospital, tools to help ease contractions, and most importantly it armed us with enough information to allow us to never panic and always stay as calm as we could. What we loved was that every class was animated, and fun, full of laughter, and jokes. The time passes so quickly that we were sad when it was over. For us that was as important as the content itself, because it helped us to enjoy the experience and therefore retain the information better.
There's no question that Bientôt Bébé is who we would recommend to future parents for pre natal classes.”
— Jess, Jer & Jace

Jess, Jer & Jace

“My wife and I couldn't have been happier with the prenatal classes that we took with Bientôt Bébé. There is so much information that expecting parents are bombarded with throughout a pregnancy, but Bientôt Bébé broke all of the important topics into focused sessions that allowed us to really absorb all the important information. The instructors are thoroughly knowledgeable and extremely engaging and approachable. Their anecdotes from their experiences as Nurses in the birthing unit were a wonderful addition. Other prenatal classes that we researched presented only some topics, and they were taught in fewer sessions. We felt that we obtained a much deeper and thorough understanding based on Bientôt Bébé's lecture model. We highly recommend all expecting parents choose Bientôt Bébé to prepare them for parenthood. Choosing them was an excellent choice!”
— Erin, Alex & Charlee

Erin, Alex & Charlee

“I was the Obs Nurse assisting the MD when Erin was born” — Ronni

“We had a great experience taking Liz and Ronni’s prenatal course. It was informative, reassuring and fun! Very helpful and useful information, and dispels the mysteries of giving birth. As a first-time mom, it really helped to know what to expect the day of the birth. Ronni is fun and bubbly, and guides you through the adventure of childbirth in an entertaining way. I particularly enjoyed meeting the new moms and hearing their birth stories and then coming back with my own baby to tell my birth story to the soon-to-be mom group. The course is also a great way to share the experience of pregnancy and childbirth with your significant other as well as the other couples in the group. Would definitely recommend this course to all first-time moms who want some good information, great support and a lot of fun!
Thank you to Liz and Ronni for such a positive experience!”
— Julie, Raphael, & baby Gabrielle

Julie, Raphael and Gabrielle